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Guest Post: Offshore Wind Power Cost Update

Decommissioning of world’s first offshore wind farm offers an opportunity to see how industry costs have changed over the past 25 years.

The Peak Oil Estimate You Won’t Believe: A Tale Of Two Sigmoids

How much oil might the world ultimately produce? This estimate will surprise you.

The Ethanol Industry Braces For Impact

U.S. refiners are reportedly about to get a change in the country’s biofuel rules that they have long sought.

Can U.S. Shale Oil Offset OPEC Production Cuts?

Could an increase in U.S. shale oil production ultimately offset OPEC’s recent production cuts? Today that possibility is investigated.

Grading My 2016 Predictions

Despite my incorrect prediction on the presidential election, nearly everything else I predicted for 2016 did occur.

The Top 10 Energy Stories Of 2016

This week Robert Rapier gives us his picks for the Top 10 energy stories for 2016.

Where Hubbert Went Really Wrong On Peak Oil

A Shell geophysicist named M. King Hubbert reached mythological status for accurately predicting the 1970 U.S. oil production peak. But most people don’t know the full story behind this prediction.

Why I Am Skeptical Of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles may eventually reduce oil demand, but this week Robert Rapier shows why it’s going to take a lot longer than proponents think.

Opening The Floodgates On Clean Energy Deployment In The U.S.

Tax-paying corporations are missing out on a huge opportunity that has low risks and high returns in the clean energy sector. Elias Hinckley explains.

Midyear Prediction Check

This week Robert Rapier checks in to see how his 2016 energy predictions are faring midway through the year.