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My 2017 Energy Predictions

This week Robert Rapier provides his outlook on the energy markets in 2017.

The Top 10 Energy Stories Of 2016

This week Robert Rapier gives us his picks for the Top 10 energy stories for 2016.

Ethanol From Carbon Dioxide Is Still A Losing Proposition

Researchers are again claiming to produce fuel from carbon dioxide. Has the holy grail finally be discovered, as some publications have suggested. This week Robert Rapier discusses the science, and reminds readers that there is no free lunch.

First Annual Clean Energy Forum at the Columbia (nuclear power) Generating Station

This week Russ Finley recounts his recent tour of Washington’s Columbia Nuclear Power Generating Station.

Why I Am Skeptical Of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles may eventually reduce oil demand, but this week Robert Rapier shows why it’s going to take a lot longer than proponents think.

Did Climate Change Drive the Bramble Cay Melomys to Extinction? Probably

Did climate change drive this tropical rat to extinction? Russ Finley addresses the doubters.

Nuclear Energy Waste–Making Mountains Out of Mole Hills

Waste from nuclear plants is often cited as an objection to nuclear power. This week Russ Finley puts this issue in context.

2015 Was A Record Year For Renewables

The recently-released Renewables 2016 Global Status Report shows that renewables had a record year in 2015, but it wasn’t enough to make a dent in global fossil fuel consumption, which also set new records for consumption.

Why Comment Fields Matter

A lot can be learned from articles, but as Russ Finley points out in this week’s article, don’t overlook the comment fields.

The Solar Story Is Just Getting Started

Despite the explosive growth of solar power over the past few years, Robert Rapier argues that it’s still very early in the story of solar power.