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By CER News Desk on Sep 3, 2012 with no responses

Ford Attempts to Gain Traction in the Hybrid Car Market

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C-Max Crossover: Ford’s hope to compete with Toyota’s Prius

Taking advantage of unpredictable gas prices and a rising consumer interest in all things green, auto-maker Ford is finally making its way into sales of dedicated hybrid vehicles with its freshly announced 2013 C-Max line.

The hybrid auto niche has long been dominated by Toyota and its popular Prius, with major players lke Hyundai, Kia and General Motors working their way into top spots as well, making Ford a relative latecomer at risk of being overshadowed by the competition; while Ford has released hybrid versions of its existing models in years past, the C-Max compact crossover stands as its first dedicated hybrid line.

With Ford accounting for only four percent of all electrified vehicles sold in in the United States this year through July, the company recognizes that it faces an uphill battle against its competitors. With the team behind the C-Max simply looking to make its way into the electric car conversation, it seems that officials at Ford understand that this new model isn’t likely to immediately win over consumers; plans to produce their new hybrid line at the existing facility in Michigan where the Ford Focus and Focus Electric models are built will allow the company to avoid closing a plant if sales prove too low to continue production.

The 2013 Ford C-Max will be available as both a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid with a low starting price of $25,995 and an engine that will allow it to get a very attractive 47 m.p.g., both features that Ford hopes will make it a viable alternative to those invested in the high-flying Toyota Prius when it is made available to consumers later this year.