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By Juan Aguilar on Apr 22, 2010 with no responses

Clean Energy Bill May Die on Earth Day

With its legislature scheduled to adjourn, Earth Day becomes a pivotal day in the Badger State.

With Wisconsin’s State legislature scheduled to adjourn on April 22, 2010, Earth Day becomes a pivotal day for Wisconsin to determine if they will pass the proposed “Clean Energy Jobs Act” or else the bill dies.

Under the The Clean Energy Jobs Act, Wisconsin would be mandated to get 25% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025.

“You know, were urging them not to kill one of the strongest clean energy bills ever in the state of Wisconsin on Earth Day,”  policy director for Clean Wisconsin Keith Reopelle says.   Reopelle and his environmental advocacy group believe that the new bill will create 16,000 new jobs.

Opponents of the measure argue the change would ultimately lead to a $15 billion increase for local business which would be absorbed by consumers.

“This bill really deserves to die,” executive director of Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group Todd Stuart says.

Stuart also claims that very few jobs would be created through the bill, despite its title.