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By Jacob Cohen-Donnelly on Sep 2, 2009 with 1 response

Paramount Energy Solutions Aims to Cut Costs of Solar Systems

Paramount Equity, a company founded in 2003, announced today that they had created a new department with the hope of providing their consumers with the ability of using renewable energy as well as saving money. Named Paramount Energy Solutions, this department aims to provide finance options that make what would be an incredibly expensive solar system more reasonable for the average individual.

Paramount Energy Solutions is making solar systems more affordable.

Paramount Energy Solutions is making solar systems more affordable.

By teaming up with SolarCity®, the leading solar system installer, Paramount Equity is able to spread solar systems into their territories in California, Arizona, and Oregon. Furthermore, Paramount Energy Solutions’ “Go Green Refi” has made it possible for homeowners to combine the cost of the solar system with their home mortgage refinance thus lowering the interest rates and fees.

The creation of Paramount Energy Solutions and the subsequent alliance with SolarCity® has made it possible for customers to get everything in one bunch: financing, custom design, installation, permits, rebate paperwork and management.

“Rising energy bills are a big concern amongst today’s homeowners, but many customers aren’t aware that adding a solar system is a tangible option,” said Matt Dawson, Paramount Equity owner and vice president of Paramount Energy Solutions. “By adding solar, homeowners bring down their energy costs by making the sun work for them, all while benefiting the environment.”

Cheryl Holden, who recently added a solar system to her property said, “We were interested both in saving money on energy, and conserving energy. Paramount was able to offer us a good package on solar, fully explained what the benefits of solar were for us, and offered us the refinance and the insurance to top it off. It was one complete package.” She will have the ability of cutting $750 from her energy bill each month.

To find more information about Paramount Energy Solutions, visit their website at

  1. By FreeCleanSolar on September 9, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    This is great news. There are many solar financing options available to home and business owners including home equity loans, refinancing, solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPA). A straight solar system purchase, even with home equity financing, offers the most savings.

    There are also many installers and it is also best to compare quotes so you get the right system at the best price. Visit to search a nationwide network of 300 local solar panel installers representing most every solar panel brand including sunpower, kyocera, sharp and sunwize. You can also find information about state solar rebates, federal tax credits, solar financing and leasing, system costs and the benefits of going solar. The bottom line is that many homeowners and business owners can afford solar power today, and save money while doing something good for the Earth..

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