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By Samuel R. Avro on Dec 18, 2008 with no responses

Heating Oil Spill Nearly Contaminates New York Reservoir


Workers dump sand in an area where heating oil spilled Wednesday. (Kevin Doyle-NewsTimes)

A tanker truck hit a large boulder on Wednesday night, rupturing the storage tank and spilling more than 300 gallons of home heating oil all over the road in Ridgefield, CT.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) worked to clean the spill along with the local fire department. The fear was that it would seep into storm drains and contaminate a nearby river which leads into water reservoirs for the State of New York.

The DEP responded with a hazardous material team in order to assist in preventing the spill from contaminating the drinking water.

“Fuel was actively flowing from the breached tank onto the pavement when Engine 1 arrived.  Nearly 200 gallons had escaped before the firefighters were able to patch the puncture and slow the leak,” said Ridgefield Fire Chief Heather Burford.

They managed to quickly contain the spill to an area of about 80 feet and were then able to initiate the cleanup process.

The vehicle was owned and operated by Connecticut Bulk Transport of Stamford. It had just filled up in New Haven and was therefore topped out at 7,500 gallons which would have caused major problems had it not been prevented from making its way into the river.

“These efforts prevented a potentially devastating contamination to the surrounding waterways,” Burford said.

The average residential heating oil price shed another 4.2 cents last week to reach 247.0 cents per gallon, according to a report released by the Energy Information Administration.

According to those figures, the total worth of fuel in the tanker was more than $18,000.