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By Samuel R. Avro on Dec 11, 2008 with no responses

Gas Prices Dip Below $1.30 in Michigan Town


Two gas stations were selling gas for below $1.30 a gallon in Ortonville, Michigan this week. The Sunoco and Citgo gas stations, which may have been involved in a price war, were both selling gas for a price not seen in the area in years.

Customers at the stations were seen taking pictures of the price number sign, and were calling friends and family to catch a piece of the bargain.

One woman at the station who came in her pajamas said she had to ask her kids four times if we she was reading the price correctly. “Are you sure it says $1.29″ she says she asked her kids repeatedly.

Drivers who didn’t plan on stopping to fill up, did so immediately when they saw the posted prices.

The Department of Energy said that the last time gas wes selling for so cheap in that area was March 2002.

Gas Prices Dipping Below $1.30 Mark