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By Samuel R. Avro on Dec 11, 2008 with no responses

Alberta Enacts Renewable Fuel Standards


Canada’s leading oil and gas producing province has mandated the usage of renewable fuels

The Canadian province of Alberta has enacted a new energy strategy which will make it mandatory for gasoline and diesel to contain a certain amount of renewable fuel.

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach said this is “the opportune time” for Canada’s leading producer of oil and gas to release its new energy strategy.

Under the new plan, gasoline would have to contain a minimum of 5 percent ethanol by 2010, while diesel would be required to contain at least 2 percent renewable fuel.

The Canadian province of Alberta released a plan that would mandate 5% ethanol to be included in gasoline by 2010.

Renewable energy advocates in Canada are elated at the latest recommendations.

“Today, Alberta is building on its energy leadership by encouraging the use of cleaner renewable fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel,” said Gordon Quaiattini, President of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. “The Alberta Renewable Fuel Standard announced today will help reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, grow rural economies, and give consumers new choices at the pump.”

Canada has moved towards renewable fuel standars at both the province and federal levels. British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan already have standards in place.

“The actions described in the Provincial Energy Strategy will help make Alberta a global energy leader that is recognized as [a] world -class energy supplier, energy technology champion, and a responsible energy consumer and environmental citizen,” Energy Minister Mel Knight said in a statement.

The United States is currently operating under a goal of 36 billion gallons by 2022. The goal, and incentives to help achieve it, enjoy the full support of President-elect Barack Obama.

According to the CBC, the aim of the strategy includes:

  • Adopting a standard of five per cent ethanol in gasoline and two per cent renewable content in diesel by 2010.
  • Encouraging the development of renewable energy and addressing the “environmental footprint of energy.”
  • Exploring “ways in which value will be added to Alberta’s energy industry.”
  • Aggressively marketing Alberta’s energy globally.
  • Changing energy consumption behaviour of industry and ordinary Albertans.
  • Increasing investment in research, development, demonstration and deployment of energy technology.
  • Strengthening the electrical transmission system by “identifying requirements, technical solutions, timing, and updating of the approval process.”