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By Samuel R. Avro on Dec 2, 2008 with no responses

Massive Solar Project Completed in California


Solar panels being installed on a warehouse in Fontana, California. This installation is the largest solar project to be completed in the state of California.

The largest solar panel installation in the state of California has been completed, utility officials announced. The project is the first of another 150 planned solar systems for factory and warehouse roofs in Southern California.

“Projects like this one show the world you can protect the environment and pump up the economy, and I am proud to say it is happening right here in California,” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said at the event announcing the completion.

Energy company Edison International says that this was just the first phase of its $875 million plan to place solar panels on two square miles of rooftops.

“The beauty of this type of project is, for solar projects one of the biggest resources you need is land,” said Ted Craver, chairman and chief executive of Edison International. “We’re able to take what is otherwise a completely wasted resource — an empty rooftop — and turn it into something that processes clean, renewable energy.”

Buildings, such as the distribution center in Fontana are being chosen due to their close proximity to Southern California Edison consumers. The selected warehouses which employ the use of solar panels on their rooftops earn rent from the electric company.

In this case, the 600,000 square feet of solar panels are expected to produce electricity for as many as 1,300 residences.

“I am a fanatic about renewable energy, and I have been trying to push the power companies … to create more,” said Schwarzenegger, who urged Edison to move faster on its proposed plan. The governor flipped a mock switch to signal the opening of the two-megawatt system which cost $10 million.