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By Robert Rapier on Nov 4, 2008 with no responses

Congratulations President-Elect Barack Obama

The networks haven’t called it yet, but this deal is done. It’s too early to tell if it’s going to be the 100 electoral vote margin that I predicted, but it is looking like a landslide in the electoral college.

I hope that Obama runs the country the way he ran his campaign. His organization was superb, and he never seemed to get rattled. His decisions were well-thought out. As I heard a (conservative) commentator say earlier tonight, when it comes to politics he is a natural.

I do think a lot of his opponents have it exactly backwards regarding an Obama win. I know many people who fear that an Obama win will make the U.S. more susceptible to a terrorist attack, because other countries won’t fear the repercussions. To the contrary, in my travels I have spoken to people of many nationalities, including long conversations with an Iranian and a Saudi (and I told both that I thought Obama would win – as far back as May). People around the world are hopeful of an Obama win, because they feel that Obama will be more willing to sit down and listen to their concerns. I think an Obama win will buy so much goodwill in the world that it will make a terrorist attack much less likely, as the world will afford Obama a honeymoon period while they judge whether their impressions of him were correct.

I also think he will be an inspiration to minorities everywhere. Minorities will be able to see that even the highest office in the land is something they can aspire to. It is also hard to argue that the U.S. as a whole is a racist nation if we have just elected a man of Kenyan descent with a middle name of Hussein as president.

In summary, I think an Obama victory will do wonders for the image of the U.S. in the world, will go a long way toward improving race relations, and will inspire many minorities. On the other hand, I think the expectations for Obama will be impossibly high, and he is sure to disappoint many as he begins to make necessary compromises. I have also voiced my concerns about his energy policy proposals. I hope he picks someone like Bill Richardson as his energy secretary, as I believe he is one of the more knowledgeable Democrats on energy issues.

Coming soon I will start to dissect Obama’s energy proposals, and talk about the good and why I think some of his proposals are potentially problematic.