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By Robert Rapier on Jul 31, 2008 with no responses

I Need Engineers

An off-topic post to be sure, but I need to find some engineers who want an opportunity to get rich while working in a ‘green’ job. My company, Accsys Technologies PLC, is looking for more engineers to support our Accoya® business. You can see a complete listing of our job openings here. However, what I am looking for is more specific.

I need process engineers, from fresh out of school to highly experienced. I need people who are prepared, at least for the first six months, to spend two weeks a month in the Netherlands working for our Titan Wood division and learning our wood acetylation process. For WWII buffs the city is Arnhem, home of Operation Market Garden (aka A Bridge Too Far).

These positions report to me, and I am very picky. I have gone through 100 resumes to find the right person. So let me be very specific on what I need. My ideal junior candidate will have a chemical engineering degree, a high GPA, some work experience, an interest in sustainability, an interest in travel and other cultures, the ability to get along with diverse groups of people, and most importantly they will be a creative thinker with the drive to see their solutions implemented. I am looking for inventive solutions to unusual problems. The person will be tenacious, but respectful. They will be persuasive without being overly pushy. They will demand high standards from themselves. Our process doesn’t exist commercially anywhere else in the world, so you will see some problems that are unique from a chemical engineering perspective.

My ideal senior candidate will have design experience. They will understand mass & energy balances, equipment sizing, PFDs, P&IDs, and will have been involved in some major projects. This candidate will help support the design and construction of the Diamond Wood facility in China, followed by the Al Rajhi facility in the Middle East. They will also help mentor and develop the junior engineers, who may be involved in unit support, or helping to support the new facilities. They will be able to assume the lead position when I am away.

For legal reasons, I am advised that applicants must be either U.S. citizens or hold a green card for positions that will be based in Dallas, Texas. Separately, I am looking for applicants who are authorized to work in the Netherlands. I think this includes citizens of all EU countries. This position will be based in Arnhem.

I don’t want to sort through a bunch of resumes, so let me provide some guidance. For entry-level engineers, if your GPA is not on your resume, I will ask you about it. I will ask for references. I will call your professors to find out their opinion of your ability. I am looking for people who excelled in their science and engineering classes. I am looking for someone who, without any references, can approximate the answer to this question: If you dropped a cannon ball from the surface over the deepest part of the ocean, how long would it take to reach the bottom? And they will understand why I asked that sort of question.

If I haven’t scared you off, and you are prepared to be shipped to Europe right away, look up my e-mail address in my CV and e-mail me a copy of your CV and any questions you might have. You may also feel free to ask general questions following this post. If your qualifications look like what I have described, I will call you back.