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By Robert Rapier on Jul 14, 2008 with no responses

What an Outraged Barbara Boxer Thinks

For reasons unknown to me, I am on an e-mail distribution list from Senator Barbara Boxer. Here’s what she had to say about Bush’s lifting of the federal ban on offshore drilling. (No comments from me just yet, as I have an essay in draft).

Dear Robert,

George W. Bush wants to give the oil companies a huge gift that threatens our environment — while not doing a single thing to lower gas prices. Urge my colleagues in Congress not to lift the Congressional moratorium on offshore drilling.

I’ve been working with many of you to protect our coasts for decades. Now, after today’s shocking news from the White House, I’m outraged. It’s time to take our fight to the next level.

Today, running contrary to every shred of common sense, President Bush lifted the presidential moratorium on drilling for oil off our precious coastline — a moratorium his own father put in place. And now he wants Congress to lift our own moratorium as well.

It’s unbelievable. In the final months of his failed presidency, George Bush wants to give the oil companies a huge gift that threatens our coasts, our economy, and our jobs — while not doing one single thing to lower gas prices.

Tell my colleagues in Congress to stand firm: Sign my petition to the House and Senate leadership, urging them not to lift the Congressional moratorium on offshore drilling!

There is absolutely no reason to lift the offshore drilling moratorium — not one. It’s just the latest example of President Bush trying to shift the blame for the 300% increase in gas prices from himself to the Congress.

You would expect such a policy to emanate from the CEO of an oil company — not from the President of the United States.

After all, oil and gas companies already hold leases to 68 million acres of federal land, where they haven’t yet even begun to produce oil. The oil companies have been derelict in drilling on the land they already have access to — and now they just want more leases to add as assets to their corporate balance sheets.

Why do we need to open our sensitive offshore areas to drilling when the oil companies don’t drill on the land they already have — and when the impact of any new drilling won’t have any effect on gas prices, while putting our coastal environment at risk? It’s ridiculous — and President Bush should be ashamed for even proposing it.

The President didn’t follow his father’s policy on Iraq and now he’s not following his father’s policy on offshore oil drilling. It’s time for Congress to stand firm.
It’s time to protect our thriving coastal economy, worth $70 billion and almost two million jobs.

It’s time for real solutions on gas prices, not political posturing and last-minute gifts for President Bush’s big oil buddies.

Congress should be going after speculators, urging oil and gas companies to drill on the leases they already have, and releasing some oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve — not lifting the offshore drilling moratorium.

OK, just one comment. I am just so thankful Senator Boxer is above political posturing, and is in favoring of real solutions like releasing oil from the SPR.