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By Robert Rapier on May 10, 2008 with no responses

SUV for Sale: Cheap!

Some of the consequences of very high oil prices are pretty predictable. Homes way out in the suburbs are likely to lose value. Prices will rise across the board for goods and services. Airlines will struggle. And gas guzzlers will be much less attractive:

Gas costs deflate prices on used SUVs

High fuel prices are causing the value of used SUVs to plummet, often below what’s listed in the buying guides many shoppers use to negotiate with dealers. “The dealer is going to offer a price, and the customer is going to be ticked off,” says Tom Webb, chief economist for Manheim, operators of auctions where car dealers buy their used-vehicle inventories. “The guidebooks have not caught up to the market,” he says.

Webb’s figures show wholesale prices on big SUVs such as Chevrolet Tahoes, Ford Expeditions and Toyota Sequoias are down 17% from a year ago. Full-size pickups have fallen as much as 15%, Webb says.

Even though plunging values should make used SUVs bargains for buyers less concerned about fuel prices, that doesn’t seem to be happening. Used SUVs languished unsold an average 66.4 days last month, up from 48.6 days the year before, says CNW Marketing Research. “There are far more truck-based SUVs being traded in than customers to buy them,” says Mike Jackson, CEO of AutoNation, the largest new-car dealer chain.

Your Prius or Jetta TDI on the other hand? I may start buying up some of those as speculative investments. If people are trading in their SUVs, there is going to be a run on more fuel efficient cars – and they should hold their value, if not trade at a premium.

People have asked me for several years what I thought was going to happen with gas prices. I always tell them that the long-term trend is much higher, and you should plan accordingly. I have warned friends and family to embrace fuel efficiency, and I have tried to preach that message here. Now that gas prices are really hitting people in the pocketbook, looks like they are finally getting the message. But like many caught in the housing bubble, they waited a little too long and lost a lot of money. The lesson here? Pay attention to what I am telling you. Do you hear that, Mom? :-)