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By Robert Rapier on May 1, 2008 with no responses

Hillary Panders, Bill Whines

Hillary Panders

Keeping with the recent theme that our political leaders are clueless, today I ran across this gem from Hillary’s Indiana campaign:

Clinton visits gas station for cameras

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former first lady who hasn’t driven a car or pumped gas in many years because of Secret Service restrictions, joined a blue-collar worker at a filling station Wednesday to illustrate how the high price of gasoline is squeezing consumers.

Democratic presidential candidate and sheet metal worker Jason Wilfing, 33, pulled into the station in a large white Ford 250 pickup truck, Clinton riding shotgun. Never mind that it wasn’t even Wilfing’s truck — he had borrowed his boss’s larger vehicle to accommodate Clinton’s security agent and personal assistant, who rode in the back.

Trailing Wilfing and Clinton was a Secret Service motorcade consisting of six gas-guzzling Suburbans, two squad cars and a green SUV bearing photographers and TV cameras.

The reporter clearly got the hypocrisy. That doesn’t even require any sarcastic commentary.

Bill Provides Some Humor

Husband Bill, in North Carolina, also provides some comedy relief:

Defection of longtime superdelegate jolts Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton was in West Virginia on his wife’s behalf. In Clarksburg, he called her a scrapper and contrasted her appeal among working-class voters with the elitists he said support Obama.

“The great divide in this country is not by race or even income, it’s by those who think they are better than everyone else and think they should play by a different set of rules,” he said. “In West Virginia and Arkansas, we know that when we see it.”

No, I don’t suppose the Clintons would know anything about elitism. I won’t go after Bill here – although he falls into the same category – but tell me again how Hillary is playing by the rules she agreed to in the Michigan primary. Oh, that’s right. She isn’t. She is playing by a different set of rules.

My Wife’s Nightmare

Check the picture out of the guy in this story. (I would post it, but the picture is in an embedded video clip):

Suburbanites Turn Green Yards Into Cash With Minifarms

The guy has plowed up the front yard of his suburban home to plant a big garden. My wife and I are constantly at odds over this. I want a pretty big garden, but she envisions the guy in that story. I think she feels like I am going to have rows of 6 foot corn in the front yard.

What I really intend to do is to carve out a spot in my (back)yard, and grow okra, tomatoes, and squash. Then I intend to plant some herbs like basil and oregano in the flower garden. Although I did give in and agree not to let a goat take care of our lawn.