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By Robert Rapier on Nov 7, 2007 with no responses

Oil Watchdog Accepts Money from Big Oil

Consumer organization Oil Watchdog has admitted to accepting money from Chevron. This is odd behavior for an organization that has been fiercely critical of universities and museums that accept donations from oil companies.

Oil Watchdog staff member John Simpson, after having accepted the contribution from Chevron, defended his actions by claiming he gave the money to a friend. Simpson also argued that Chevron didn’t really need the money anyway. Following this admission, Simpson made a plea for more funding from readers. Must be tough times for Oil Watchdog’s trial lawyer backers.


* Note: When reporting on Oil Watchdog’s misdeeds, I will try keep to the journalistic standards they have set. The only difference is, unlike Oil Watchdog’s reporting, what I reported above is actually true. Maybe misleading, but true. :-)