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By Robert Rapier on Oct 8, 2007 with no responses is Live


A while back, Robert Rohatensky, of SHPEGS fame (and another “R-Squared”), asked if I would be interested in helping him set up a Slash-based energy site. The idea would be a place where anyone could submit energy news and discuss and debate solutions. As Bob wrote to me, “My motivation is to do what I can to improve the world energy supply.” This is also a lot of what I am all about. I want to raise public awareness about our energy options, discuss solutions (and false-solutions), and discuss energy policy.

I feel that the format of Blogger – especially in the way comments are structured – really limits our ability to carry on the kind of dialogue I would like to see. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the comments here. In fact, we get a lot of good comments. But it would be much better, in my opinion, to be able to have a threaded view. It would also be very helpful if readers could submit their own stories, links, news items, etc. to foster discussion. This will be possible at the new site:

So, if you have an interesting energy story that you want to discuss, drop by and submit it. You don’t have to be registered to do so.