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By Robert Rapier on Aug 1, 2007 with no responses

Windows Vista Sucks

Windows Vista sucks. There, I said it. I feel better now.

Off-topic, but I am really hacked off. I had gotten an upgrade to Windows Vista with a laptop I bought in December, and I finally decided to install it 3 weeks ago. I knew of the reported problems with Vista, but I am computer savvy, and anyway they have probably had time to fix the bugs. Right? Good grief was I wrong.

I won’t go into all the problems I have had since “upgrading.” I will just say that I have spent at least a dozen hours fixing problems that shouldn’t have been present in a release. But the most annoying problem, a problem which I now find has been reported by numerous others, is that my Internet connection randomly stops working on regular occasions. At times, some sites work (Google), but then others won’t (Yahoo). At other times, I can’t connect to any site. I know it’s not the site or my provider, because we have another computer in the house that doesn’t have these issues.

It’s hard to believe that Microsoft gets away with releasing products like this. It would be like me selling you gasoline with water in it, and then telling you how to fix the problem – on your dime. Or better yet, you can call me on a pay per call basis, and I will work you through fixing the problem that I caused.

Anyway, enough of that. If you are thinking of upgrading, I would advise waiting it out. I can’t honestly think of any benefit I have gotten out of upgrading.

Back to energy news, I turned in my renewable diesel chapter this morning, and will shortly be back to writing. I will put out something new, probably later today.