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By Robert Rapier on Jun 1, 2007 with no responses

Edwards Calls for Anti-Trust Investigation

Sometimes, the targets are simply too easy. There’s hardly any sport to this one:

Edwards contends with Big Oil

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards took on the oil companies Thursday while campaigning in Menlo Park, with the help of a San Jose teenager who says his friends can barely afford to fill up their SUVs and a Hummer.

I mean, enough is enough. When a person can’t afford to fill their Hummer – well, something has to be done. One thing may lead to another, and it may eventually get to the point that Edwards can no longer afford to heat his 28,000 square foot mansion.

He brought along Brandon Li, 18, and his mother, Wendy, to underscore how high gas prices are hurting average Americans who need short-term relief. The Lis own MCI Manufacturing, a San Jose sheet metal company.

You can’t just really say drive less because it’s not a function of our daily life.” Li said. “We need more immediate relief.”

I can’t really say “drive less?” So I am to believe that everyone is driving the amount they need to drive? That there isn’t quite a bit of driving that is purely discretional? That the fact that gasoline demand increases year after year after year is not the fault of the consumers and that relief is needed so you can keep on with your gluttonous energy usage?

No! You drive less. You drive a more fuel efficient vehicle. You start taking responsibility for the choices you have made to cause gasoline demand – even with these high prices – to continue to increase.

Edwards acknowledged that previous state and federal investigations have cleared the industry, but said Congress might need to consider stronger laws that would reduce oil industry influence in pricing at the pump.

Then I think what you are doing, Senator Edwards, is pandering. But I guess this is the kind of thing I should expect from someone who calls for America to conserve, while showing no inclination to lead by example. Will nobody step forward and walk the talk?