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By Robert Rapier on May 4, 2007 with no responses

Irony and Gas Price


I think this is what you call irony. From:

Gas Prices Spike

We find the following picture accompanying the article:

Today’s Bargain: Gatorade at $12 a Gallon

Then from the next story we have a tragic tale of a guy who can no longer afford gas for his 5 Cadillacs:

Gas zooms past $3 a gallon; record prices blamed on refinery outages, inventory

Robert Mechanic of Sylvania said gasoline’s rising price has put a squeeze on his enjoyment of five Cadillacs he owns.

“It’s too high. I’ve gotta have premium and it’s killing me,” Mr. Mechanic said while fueling one of the Caddies at a Clark station at Dorr and Hoag streets. Premium grade cost him $3.399 a gallon there.

Mr. Mechanic predicted he’ll have to cut back on driving and make more use of “a little small car” he also owns, even though he’d rather partake of his more luxurious rides.

First we have people coping with gasoline prices that have zoomed up to 1/4th the cost of flavored water, and now a guy can’t even enjoy his 5 Cadillacs. What other horror stories can we expect?