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By Robert Rapier on Apr 13, 2007 with no responses

Submit Your Questions for Red Cavaney

I will participate in another API conference call on energy issues on April 18th, and I would like to solicit questions from readers. The topic will be “Energy and the Environment”, but I am sure they will take any energy-related questions. The speaker will be API CEO Red Cavaney.

I wrote up my impressions of the previous conference call here. You can read the transcript from the first call here along with an audio recording at the API’s Energy Tomorrow site.

If you get a chance, read the transcript or listen to the audio recording. This may prompt some questions. I will try to get as many answered as possible, and then I will write up the results. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your questions/concerns addressed. If you have one, please list it. First come, first served.