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By Robert Rapier on Jan 3, 2007 with no responses

My Energy Resolutions for 2007

I will be moving to Scotland by the end of January, and as a result we will be selling our house in the U.S. (as well as both vehicles). This gives me an opportunity to make some positive changes in 2007. Here are my resolutions:

1). I resolve to get the most fuel-efficient car I can find in Scotland.
2). I resolve to search for a house that allows me to take public transport or my bike to work.
3). I resolve to place a very high priority on energy efficiency as I search for a new house.
4). I resolve to reduce the meat in my diet (it takes much more energy to produce meat than to produce vegetables).
5). I resolve to support local farmers’ markets.
6). I resolve to continue instilling the importance of energy conservation into my family.
7). I resolve to get completely out of debt (easy, since my only debt is a mortgage).
8). I resolve to talk to at least 1 person a month about Peak Oil and/or the importance of living sustainably.
9). I resolve to preach conservation as something each one of us can do to stretch energy supplies and better prepare for Peak Oil.
10). Not energy related, but I resolve to read at least 40 books in 2007. I read 48 in 2005 and 34 in 2006.

I expect my posting frequency to be spotty during the transition, but I hope to make substantive contributions to this blog in 2007. I also plan to keep My Reading List and my European travel blog updated. I have been gradually writing up the essays from my first expatriate assignment from 1999-2001, and I intend to keep it going during my upcoming assignment.

Happy New Year to all.

Robert Rapier